Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger's Drama

Oh for the love of Christ already! Enough with the Tiger Woods drama!

So is there more to the story? Hellz yeah! Did he probably sustain those scratches and bruises from his irate-golf-club-wielding wife because he couldn't keep it in his pants? I'd bet money on it. This man has done a million dollar job of keeping his nose clean and his ass out of the hot seat. His squeaky clean image I'm sure has many paparazzi, critics and general busy-bodies gnashing their teeth just waiting for him to slip up. Now finally they have their chance!

Tiger Woods what have you gone and done now? You were so perfect! So boring no one was interested in what you did. Now you are possibly a pill-popping, two-timing, wife beating, above the law piece of shit? Whoa-Ho! You've come a long way baby!

You just had to go and pick a slow week to have your family drama huh? Britney is keeping her dress down and legs closed, Michael Vick is wasting away on the Philly sidelines, even Sexy Sarah Palin didn't make any big splashes with her 5K bail out or her refusal to cook a turkey. The two folks who snuck into the White House dinner (I still don't know who they were) couldn't keep the paprazzo's attention. They were all bored just waiting for...YOU! Smooth pal...

And now the hate. Have you forgotten that you are a black man, married to a white woman, playing a skill (yes I said is not a sport...but that's another blog altogether) that's historically dominated by the country club goers, making millions of dollars in endorsements, living the life? Did you forget there's a reason why you've been all private about your ish until now? Did you forget that there's just a whole world full of haters waiting for you to take a tumble down the walk of shame?

Whatever is going on in your house, you should have kept it there. Cuz now the whole world is up in your kool-aid and they ain't gonna stop until they know the flavor, how much sugar you put in it, what brand was the pitcher you made it in and what kind of glass you drank it from.

And somehow you thought your refusal to make a statement and not appear at your golf tourney would make it all blow over? Dearest all you did was put some gas in the media machine. Now they aren't gonna stop until you are laid bare and loose some money. Sorry pal...

For all you people out there calling him everything from wife beater to child beater to a felon...GET OVER YOUR SELF-RIGHTEOUS-NO-MONEY-HAVIN-HATIN-ASS-NO-LIFE-HAVIN SELVES. Maybe if you paid attention to your own kool-aid it wouldn't be so sour.

That is all...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can I Cut Off Your Finger At The First Knuckle?

No, I'm serious. Can I cut off your finger at the first knuckle? No? I kinda didn't think so. Doesn't sound like a very fun prospect, does it? Quite painful actually, not to mention the mutilation. I am quite sure no one would willing agree to having this done.

Every day cat owners take their cats to the vet and have this done to their pets. It's called an onychectomy. The UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital describes declawing as a permanent surgical procedure where the last bone, phalanx and claw of each toe on a cat's paw is removed. Ouch! Pain from declawing often makes cats develop even worse behaviors than scratching, including biting and avoiding their litter box (LA Times).

I have always thought the practice was cruel leaving a cat defenseless. I had two cats when I was a kid, Heavenly Blue and Oscar, who were declawed much to my 13 year-old outrage. My mother had just purchased a new leather couch and didn't want her couch ruined. I swore that I would never do that to another cat of mine. And I haven't. And I strongly object anyone I know from doing this to their cats. It's just so mean. Cats scratch. That's what they do. If you don't like that, and aren't willing to buy the necessary items to ease the problem naturally then I hate you tell you, dear should not have a cat.

Well today the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance banning declawing in Los Angeles! Hooray! Thank you Councilman Paul Koretz for your efforts in this cause. Now no more kitties will suffer this awful procedure.

BTW...the leather couch of my youth fell victim to my current cats Blackbeard and Mackadoo. They asked me to dedicate their victorious destruction to Heavenly Blue and Oscar (R.I.P).

You can read the entire Los Angeles Times article by following the link below. That is all...

Los Angeles City Council bans cat declawing