Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can I Cut Off Your Finger At The First Knuckle?

No, I'm serious. Can I cut off your finger at the first knuckle? No? I kinda didn't think so. Doesn't sound like a very fun prospect, does it? Quite painful actually, not to mention the mutilation. I am quite sure no one would willing agree to having this done.

Every day cat owners take their cats to the vet and have this done to their pets. It's called an onychectomy. The UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital describes declawing as a permanent surgical procedure where the last bone, phalanx and claw of each toe on a cat's paw is removed. Ouch! Pain from declawing often makes cats develop even worse behaviors than scratching, including biting and avoiding their litter box (LA Times).

I have always thought the practice was cruel leaving a cat defenseless. I had two cats when I was a kid, Heavenly Blue and Oscar, who were declawed much to my 13 year-old outrage. My mother had just purchased a new leather couch and didn't want her couch ruined. I swore that I would never do that to another cat of mine. And I haven't. And I strongly object anyone I know from doing this to their cats. It's just so mean. Cats scratch. That's what they do. If you don't like that, and aren't willing to buy the necessary items to ease the problem naturally then I hate you tell you, dear should not have a cat.

Well today the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance banning declawing in Los Angeles! Hooray! Thank you Councilman Paul Koretz for your efforts in this cause. Now no more kitties will suffer this awful procedure.

BTW...the leather couch of my youth fell victim to my current cats Blackbeard and Mackadoo. They asked me to dedicate their victorious destruction to Heavenly Blue and Oscar (R.I.P).

You can read the entire Los Angeles Times article by following the link below. That is all...

Los Angeles City Council bans cat declawing

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