Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LA District Attorney Can't Ban Dispensaries

California voters decided to make medical marijuana legal. What did that translate to? Hundreds (about 860) medical marijuana dispensaries just in Southern California. Apparently this doesn't sit well with the City of LA and now they want to ban them.

What's their argument you ask? Hundreds of new dispensaries popping up all over the place that may be covers for illegal operations. Actually they are opening so fast, the city says it can't keep track of them all.

Last time I checked, don't you need all sorts of permits and such to open a business? Yes you do. So what is the City's beef? Apparently the process to open a medical marijuana dispensary is so easy that the city can't even keep track of who's doing what. So of course the proper thing to do isn't revise the permits and permissions for opening such an establishment. No the proper thing to do is ban anymore dispensaries from opening. BRILLIANT!

Kudos to Judge James C. Chalfant for upholding the voters decision. Make the city re-vamp the process for having this sort of business, not disregard what the people of California want.

That is all...

Judge rules L.A.'s ban on new medical marijuana dispensaries is invalid -- latimes.com

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